Kairo Japan Rockafella & Kydezion Rockafella


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Seems as if Kydezion Rockafella is not doing enough to prove he has what it take to be part of Rockafellaz. Rock is sending him out to handle certain jobs, because he doesn�t feel that he is gangsta enough yea there was more before this one. Guess you will have to be looking out for that one. Well Kydezion is set to meet up with Kairo J Rockafella. This kat hurr got a fat ass and knows how to work it. He was contacted by Rock and told him he knew what needed to be done. Once Kydezion arrives, Kairo breaks it down with a brief run down on what has to happen and gets to work. Kairo starts sucking tha big dick of Kydezion and is loving it as that shit swells up in his mouth. After Kairo works that dick up, its time for some fucking. Kydezion gets him up on the couch and in a way that barebackin should be done. Kairo feels there is no need to take he shoes off because when he stand and getting the shit fucked outta him, he don�t wanna slip and fall. Kairo throws that ass back at Kydezion more ways than one. When he lays on the couch u can see how wet that ass gets cause that muthafucka is drippin like a bad leak. Kydezion finishes it off and surprises Kairo with a hot load on his face, but to show how gangsta and freaky he is, well you will have to see that shit for yo self.



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