Jody Jacinto & KashDaddyDre


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Jody Jacinto welcomes KashDaddyDre, into his "Happy Ending Massage Spa". KashDaddyDre is the last customer of the day. Jody tells Kash to come and get comfortable . Jody also lets him know at his spa, its required to be fully nude and tells Kash, he can cover up with a towel. When Jody returns, KashDaddy is laying on the massage table fully naked with the towel covering his mid body. Jody applies oil on Kash's legs working his way from the bottom to the top. Jody starts to massage in the crease of Kash's ass near Kash's whole. As Jody massage near his whole KashDaddy says, "that feels good!" Jody replies... Jody then ask Kash if he could get the whole a little more moist and wet. Kash says yes. Jody then, starts to eat Kash's ass... After a while of eating Kash's ass Jody comes around to the front and allows Kash to suck his dick through the head rest of the massage table. Jody then, stand up and allowed Kash to suck his dick some more as Jody, plays with Kash's ass...Jody climbs of top to continue to massage Kash's back while Jody's dick is massaging in between kash's ass... Jody begins to get hard and stick his dick in Kash's ass and Kash loves it. After fucking for a little while Jody busts a nut on his own leg because Kash's ass is mighty good.. Jody begins to fuck Kash in different positions after busting early;stronger than before. After fucking KashDaddy almost off the massage table, Jody bust another nut, all over KashDaddy's butt and back...Then Jody massages the cum onto KashDaddy's body as if it where massage oil. and KashDaddy loves it. Jody didnt want to leave without holding up to his reputation by not giving Kash a "Happy Ending" . So, Jody ask Kash what he needed to have a "Super Happy Ending"? Kash request that Jody sits on his face till he bust a nut... Jody complies to Kash request and sits on his face.. Jody loves every bit of Kash's tongue in his hole as well as Kash..Kash then, bust a nut ending with, Jody sucking the rest of Kash's nut out ...



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