Jeno Hunter & Kemancheo


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Jeno and Kemancheo say goodbye cuz Jeno is gettin' deployed by the Army. Instead of packing the two decide to fuck. Kemancheo is hungry for a last taste of ass and goes to deploy his tongue on Jeno's fuck hole. Jeno's ass is wigglin' all over the place, out of control and then he starts goin down on Kemancheo's thick sausage. The thing is so dam huge - 9.5 inches - Jeno can't wait any longer and Kemancheo shoves it nice and smooth up Jeno's hole. Jeno is out of control wiggling like J-Lo in a tub of Jello. Kemancheo throws Jeno onto his side so you can have a perfect view of his pipe slidin in and out of Jeno's hungry hole. Doggie style, now, Jeno is ridin that huge dick like the dutiful soldier he is. You'd think Jeno'd be sore by now, his hole pounded mercilessly but he keeps workin that ass like he ain't never had dick before. Moaning and groaning, Jeno is on his back now in pure ecstacy as Kemancheo continues to expertly slide in and out of his destroyed hole. This is one hot as hell fuck scene that you have to see to believe! Only a Green Berret or some shit can take this much 9.5 inch cock's ass pounding for this long and still wiggle all over the damn thing like an earthworm. "im finna nut' says Jeno as he uncontrollobly shoots his nut with Jenos cock pounding inside him. Then Jeno busts his own nut as Kemancheo slurps and slobbers all over his erupting volcano. That was some fine shit!



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