Daniel Thompson & KashDaddyDre - Breed Me Doc!


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The nurse is asleep on the bed before his next rounds. The Dr. walks into the break room, heading straight for his locker. He sees his favorite nurse is in the break room. He slams his locker after, putting his Dr's coat in his locker. The nurse wakes up startled. Before opening his eyes he says, who in the hell... Before the next words come out the nurses mouth, the Dr. say... Its your favorite Dr. Are you ready for your prostate exam? The nurse laugh a little. The nurse then say, your the only Dr. I want working on my prostate. But unfortunately I cant, i have rounds in about 20 mins. Looking at his watch or phone. The Dr. say well lets make this quick... The began to kiss by the lockers and on the lockers. Then all of a sudden, the nurse stops and say, Did you lock the door, we almost got caught last time... The Dr say you know I already took care of that when i saw it was you. They continued to kiss and the nurse began to suck the Dr's dick. Then the Dr, sucks the nurses dick. They move to the bed and the nurse bends the Dr. over and eats his ass. The Dr. tells the nurse, I'm gonna give you an exam with my tongue first and then im gonna give you an exam with my long stethoscope. The nurse say, bring it on Dr. The Dr. did just what he says. As the Dr. fucked the nurse hard the softly. The nurse bust a nut all over himself. After the nurse bust a nut, the Dr. lays on the bed and jacks his dick as the nurse licks his nipples. The Dr bust a nut all over.. The nurse get rid of the evidence with his mouth. The Dr. say to the nurse... If you get in trouble for being late for rounds Just tell the head nurse you where with the Dr. , getting a private exam for future diagnostics .



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