Breion Diamond & Indy - SPREAD MY ASS


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Now Breion is talkin to a friend on the phone in his underwear who tells Breion that the boyfriend of his current trick, Indy, is a cop. Then Indy comes and gets buzy suckin Breion's cock cuz the b.f. is comin' back in a few minutes. Indy, being the expert cocksucker that he is, gets Breion's cock hard in no time while Breion eats Indy's ass. Breion spreads Indy's ass, gittin it ready to take Breion's thick meat. Breion throws Indy face down on the bed and proceeds to eat and spread Indy's tight hole some more to receive the big thing. Indy tells Breion to hurry in order to avoid getting his ass kicked by Indy's boyfriend. Still too tight to take Breion's huge cock, Indy sits on it and finally gets the thing up in there. He starts ridin breion's dick like a damn roller coaster at the damn six flags. Breion seizes control by flippin Indy onto his back and pounding the hell out of Indy's narrow hole. Then Indy goes back to suckin fo a while, giving his asshole a short break. Breion then goes fuckin that tight hole real slow and nice - takin his cock all the way in and out, making Indy's ass pucker like someone squeezed a lemon in it. Breion keeps fuckin, an Indy tells him to hurry the fuck up and bust his nut before his boyfriend gets home and busts on Breion's face. Not giving two shits, Breion fucks Indy from the side and shoves that shit all the way in, pounding with no mercy. Finally, Breion busts a pound of nuts all over Indy's ripe tomato. Then takes care of Indy.



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